Monday, March 14, 2016

Online-marketing strategy and consulting with Dagmara

Online-marketing strategy and consulting with Dagmara Postelle
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Glamista Home is more than just a beautiful lifestyle blog that highlights inspirational home decor and online business tools for the small business owner. The proprietor, Dagmara Postelle, is also a well-qualified online marketing brand consultant and strategist. Dagmara has 10+ years of marketing experience as well as an MBA in marketing. She especially enjoys working with B2C businesses that need help with growth as well as small restaurants seeking a solid marketing approach. Let's talk about the "American Dream" for a minute, that is what all entrepreneurs here in the United States are after right? Miss Dagmara embodies the American Dream. Dagmara recalls,

I came to the states several years ago with one suitcase, $300 in my pocket, and big expectations for myself. I understood that being successful meant working hard, connecting with people and helping others. I love delivering results and helping other people realize their potential.  

Dagmara's brand-building and online marketing services focus on you and your business. She will work with you to establish a goal-oriented action plan to focus your efforts and help grow your business. A complementary strategy will be identified to increase your sales along with the implementation that needs to occur to make those sales happen!  Dagmara will also help you connect with your customer's through email newsletter campaigns as well as re-connecting to customers that have drifted off. She has so much more to offer based on your business's actual needs, but you need to take action and Schedule your complementary 30-minute consultation with Damara today! Get moving towards achieving your American Dream. 

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