Wednesday, December 16, 2015

5 Reasons Why your Business Needs Bloggers

5 Reasons Why your Business Needs Bloggers
We all like to think that we can do everything ourselves, especially us small business owners. We don't need any additional help. Let's overextend ourselves and be less productive. Does this sentiment feel familiar? But in the end, after feeling exhausted and agitated, we did do it ourselves! That is no way to run or grow a business. Sometimes you need help. Professional help. Someone that cares about growing your business as much as you do. You need professional bloggers. Here are 5 reasons why your business needs help from professional bloggers.

1.) Small business owners like to do-it-themselves, which is sometimes bad for business. Small business owners sometimes think, "I can learn how to run my social media and be successful at managing it myself." That prior statement might be true if they did nothing else but manage their social media, but the truth is that their social media starts to fall to the bottom of the priority list as time goes on.Working with professional bloggers ensures that your business's social media sites gets top priority all the time. Because in today's online marketing world, if you are not properly posting several times a day across your social media networks, you are rendering yourself virtually invisible.

2.) Professional bloggers make their livelihoods out of building a niche audience, they blog consistently to stay visible, and they have a network that extends beyond the inter-web. Tap into a professional blogger's large and developed network by having them share your products or services through their networks. It is, however, up to you(the small business owner) to figure out how to creatively maximize those blogger's efforts to pay huge dividends for your small business. I will give you a tip: pay them. There is no comparison between giving someone a trinket versus money to write and promote for your business. Money is a great incentive for most people.

 3.) Running your social media takes more time than you think you have. I would recommend to any growing business that they find someone to manage their social media accounts full time, because it takes time! You need to be on social media,  but you also need to be doing other important things too. If you are just starting out, find a blogger or group of bloggers with a solid network and work with them over an extended time period. If  your budget allows, work with several bloggers at once and repeat. Using different bloggers and rotating allows you to continue your growth(tapping into other networks in your niche) while the initial blogger you worked with is continuing to grow his/her network. Come back to your initial blogger in 3 to 6 months.

4.) Genuine communication with your audience. Bloggers are a genuine form of advertising. Your business should have a blog associated with it, but when it comes time to talk about what you do well it should be coming from someone else. Of course you are going to say your product or service is the best in town, but will anyone believe it? Bloggers have a network of friends. We trust our friends to tell us where we should eat, what we should buy, what movies to see, etc... Need I say more?

5.) Most bloggers charge a modest rate. You are not going to kill your marketing budget by occasionally hiring bloggers for marketing campaigns. Professional bloggers give you access to hundreds or even thousands of potential customers. All you need to do is connect with the best professional bloggers in your niche(or local area) and convey to them your marketing goals. Finding the best bloggers is not always easy, but if you live in the DMV(DC, MD, or VA) area then you have The Virginia Bloggers Club.

The Virginia Bloggers Club seamlessly connects you with top-notch bloggers in your industry that have thousands of local followers and small business connections to help grow your business faster. How do we do it?

First, we have a local community on Facebook called The Virginia Bloggers Club. Say you need 5 incredible foodie bloggers for an upcoming marketing campaign or event. I will go to our group and verify that they are interesting in working with your company. This is also a good time to tell the bloggers what you are going to require of them and how you are planning to compensate them in exchange for their services. What's next?

We connect you to your bloggers via e-mail and you work out your own terms of contract with those bloggers. It is that simple. You get quality bloggers to spread the word and they get paid. Everyone wins. But, you have to take the first step and e-mail us at to get started! We are here to help you grow and prosper.

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