Monday, November 2, 2015

Business Motivation: Build it and they will come?

Business Motivation: Build it and they will come?
Remember the movie Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner? Same concept. You are building something in the hopes that creating the "physical business" will automatically draw in the masses. You believe in your business model and have done your market research. Let's say for example, there is a true need for a donut shop within your community because there is absolutely no donut shop within a 100 mile radius. Does that point alone ensure that you will be successful as a small business owner? What if no one outside of a 10 mile radius knows about your donut shop? Will it still be successful? Doubtful. We live in a online marketing world. Every face you see is embedded into their smart phone and it is your job to be there too.

Did you take out a newspaper or magazine ad this year? I am certain you are not the only one. However, you need to be where your audience lives and it is not in a teeny $500 magazine ad that few people will ever see. Do you have thousands of dollars for a full-page magazine ad? For today's online marketing era, you have just flushed your money down the toilet. Do you want to find your audience, your voice, and more importantly your customer base? Locate someone who has already been building that base for years and then pay them to post about your business over their established social media network. Who or what am I talking about? Bloggers.

Not only do bloggers give you visibility using their platform of like-minded readers(or potential customers for you), but they can help you build your social media network at the same time. Yes, you can build it yourself, but that is the long road. Why not utilize someone who is years ahead of you and also a savvy social media professional? Bloggers can help you connect with the genuine voice of the people. Say you own a new and hip fashion boutique in town. Connect with the best local fashion bloggers and watch how that increases your exposure, following, and bottom line.  It is all about growth and fast growth at that. Your bigger competition is utilizing bloggers right now and it is paying off big time in sales and social media followers. More followers yield more visibility and more sales. So, how do you find the best blogger for your small business? Right here at The Virginia Bloggers Club.

Here is my sales pitch: the Virginia Bloggers Club hosts some of the best bloggers in the DC, MD, and VA area. We connect you with the right professional blogger for your brand and then you decide how they will best work for your business. We connect bloggers to write content, host promotional giveaways, and attend local DMV events for increased social media visibility. The bottom line is we have you covered. We are a small business working for your small business. Our list of services can work with any budget, but you cannot grow if you do not start. The journey of a thousand miles starts today.

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