Monday, October 26, 2015

Daily Dose of Motivation: Greatness

Daily Dose of Motivation: Greatness
My current read by Morgan Rice titled the Sorcerer's Ring has me contemplating the topics of both honor and greatness this week. It is something that few of us probably even think about. Greatness is not simply about personal status, endeavors of climbing the corporate ladder, or monetary gains. Greatness and honor goes far beyond tangible and weighed personal goals. Greatness is a true journey to the soul that is intertwined by our personal moral compass. Tales of brave knights and warriors that choose to lay down their lives for a cause, that has my mind reeling. They risk their lives and all they hold dear to "do the right thing". Not everyone is a warrior in the fighting sense, but you can adopt a warrior's mindset...that is within everybody's reach.

Personally, I believe greatness is cloaked in opportunities. We are given the opportunity everyday to do the right thing, to be great. However, few of us choose to take that path as we rush about are busy lives. When has holding a door for the person behind you or stopping at a cross walk to let a mother and her child cross the road become a rarity among men? We all have a personal responsibility to one another. Taking the road less traveled(I adore you Robert Frost) and taking care of each other IS greatness. Family, I have come to find, is what you make it. Humanity is my family and so is kindness.

So I ask you, or rather encourage you, to embrace greatness. It is the little choices we make each day to help and be kind to our fellow man that truly makes us great. Of course, you should also never be afraid to wield your sword when necessary.

Be great,

Heather Paulding
Founder of The Virginia Bloggers Club

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