Monday, October 26, 2015

Daily Dose of Motivation: Greatness

Daily Dose of Motivation: Greatness
My current read by Morgan Rice titled the Sorcerer's Ring has me contemplating the topics of both honor and greatness this week. It is something that few of us probably even think about. Greatness is not simply about personal status, endeavors of climbing the corporate ladder, or monetary gains. Greatness and honor goes far beyond tangible and weighed personal goals. Greatness is a true journey to the soul that is intertwined by our personal moral compass. Tales of brave knights and warriors that choose to lay down their lives for a cause, that has my mind reeling. They risk their lives and all they hold dear to "do the right thing". Not everyone is a warrior in the fighting sense, but you can adopt a warrior's mindset...that is within everybody's reach.

Personally, I believe greatness is cloaked in opportunities. We are given the opportunity everyday to do the right thing, to be great. However, few of us choose to take that path as we rush about are busy lives. When has holding a door for the person behind you or stopping at a cross walk to let a mother and her child cross the road become a rarity among men? We all have a personal responsibility to one another. Taking the road less traveled(I adore you Robert Frost) and taking care of each other IS greatness. Family, I have come to find, is what you make it. Humanity is my family and so is kindness.

So I ask you, or rather encourage you, to embrace greatness. It is the little choices we make each day to help and be kind to our fellow man that truly makes us great. Of course, you should also never be afraid to wield your sword when necessary.

Be great,

Heather Paulding
Founder of The Virginia Bloggers Club

Monday, October 19, 2015

Cooperative Preschool of Loudoun: A Sweet Deal.

Cooperative Preschool of Loudoun: A Sweet Deal.
The Cooperative Preschool of Loudoun(CPL) is the only cooperative preschool in Loudoun County. "Cooperative" meaning the parents are involved in running the preschool and occasionally helping the teachers in the classroom(about once a month per child). It was not until my eldest entered kindergarten this year that I appreciated how precious it was to see my child in the classroom both interacting and learning. I now stand on the sidelines and watch my son enter our local elementary school each day. I am often left wondering what he is learning and how he is doing. There is no price that can be placed on being involved first hand in your child's early education. It is the way that it should parents we are the original teacher for our children. Being involved is a natural and beautiful thing for everyone.

Last weekend, we had our annual bake sale a Brambleton's Fall Fest. What a beautiful day indeed! In a cooperative fashion, the parents worked to bake a variety of homemade goodies to be sold. We are a non-profit preschool, so fundraising is an important part of what we do! We do fundraising to purchases important necessities for the classroom and to keep the school in tip top shape. The bake sale is a wonderful time to talk to the parents in the community. As I type, we still have some 3 year old "Junior" spots available at CPL. If you know of any parents with 3 year olds still looking for an incredible preschool please send them our way. We are happy to schedule a time to walk your family through the school, so that you may see how truly wonderful it is to be apart of the CPL family.

Family is indeed the right word. We are a community of friends. This is an environment that gives your child the best head start possible and it involves the most important person in their lives: you.

Cooperative Preschool of Loudoun: A Sweet Deal.
A big thank you to everyone who donated their time and talents to make the Brambleton CPL bake sale a success! A Big BIG thank you goes to Sugar and Spice Cupcakes here is Ashburn, VA. Her cupcakes are truly delicious.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Next Phase Fitness "Grand Opening"

Next Phase Fitness Grand Opening Next Phase Fitness is the next phase for your health and well being! Are you looking for a community fitness studio? Are you looking for personal trainers that will guide you through fresh and personally tailored workouts? Are you looking for that extra motivation in a group workout setting? Well folks, you have arrived! Next Phase Fitness boasts 60 minute fitness classes that accommodate all fitness levels and are based on exercise science! Think "group" personal training without the premium personal training prices. No matter what your fitness level currently is, Next Phase Fitness can take you to the next level!

Next Phase Fitness is owned by two hometown boys: Doug and Daniel Frantzen. These brothers are truly passionate about fitness, healthy living, and the science behind it all! Daniel is an active Army reservist and thus, they are a pro-military workout atmosphere. They hire military vets and incorporate military inspired training into their classes. I already spotted a personal trainer from their personal trainer lineup that I already know! He has earned the reputation as "The Preacher" for his positive motivational talks during workouts. Good staff is the key to happy clients and "The Preacher" is an incredible motivational trainer. Ready to check out the facilities?

Next Phase Fitness Grand Opening
Next Phase Fitness is having a Grand Opening event on September 19th. This event is open to everyone(that means you)! 98.7 WMZQ will be on location to host the Next Phase Fitness "Grand Opening" event and will be giving away some Fall Fest tickets. No classes will be held during the event, but there will be plenty of action to include tours, fitness challenges, games, food, and many vendors on site. Next Phase Fitness will also be giving away some "top secret" prizes of their own! You do not want to miss this special Grand Opening event September 19th from 1pm to 5pm. Like all that? Of course you do! It is time to sign up for a pre-sale membership packages discounted as low as 50% off.

Pre-sale discounts offer two primary options. You can get 15% off for life as a founding member or 50% off the 1st month. Next Phase Fitness also offers 15% off their session packages during the pre-sale period prior to September 19th. Classes officially start September 20th, so lock in those pre-sale savings right now! Also, please note Next Phase Fitness has no contracts. You are free to book sessions as you please. You can purchase single sessions, multiple sessions, or month-to-month packages. This is all about you, your fitness, and your schedule! See that photo below? That's right, one free session is coming your way! What do you have to lose....better yet, what do you have to gain?