Friday, May 8, 2015

What is STEM and why do our children need it?

This post is a sponsored post for Nova Enrichment Academy. Most of the information seen is being provided by Nova Enrichment Academy. First things first, what is STEM? It is a way of thinking that combines science, technology, engineering, and math in an organized fashion. Our education system has become utterly disconnected. Right now, our children go to individual and distinctly separate classes(social studies, English, math, etc...). Math is math and English is English only. STEM is integrated learning in which one study also applies to another and is also applicable to the world our children live in now! STEM does not teach our children how to think. It simply gives them the tools they can use to solve any given problem. There is a big push for STEM integration in our education system. Below is an interesting CNN video on future jobs with STEM as the main topic of discussion.

It is clear that STEM is the education of the future. The time is now! The next step? Get your kids introduced to STEM and give them a true head start in their early childhood education! The more pressing question, however, is which "STEM focused" education facility is right for your children? Not all "STEM programs" are created equal. Here are a few things you can look for in a high quality STEM program that will help you(as a parent) choose the best facility.

Quality of content. High quality programs focus on their curriculum. Their should be many hands-on activities, team work, and the latest technological innovations. Look for programs that have "true" integration and go beyond building simple kits.  

Delivery matters. Meaning teacher delivery. Ask your potential STEM facility about the instructors that are teaching your children. Their resumes should speak volumes.  

Program Stability. High end STEM programs offer year round classes.  

Community Involvement. High end STEM programs will offer free events, private events, field trips, and introduce active members of the STEM community to induce creative thinking by both parents and children alike.  

Transparency. High quality STEM programs will lay it all on the table. They will introduce you to instructors, go over day-to-day policies, content, and prices without having to be prompted. Nothing is hidden and you should know exactly where you stand.

In short, quality content, instructor delivery, program stability, community involvement, and transparency are the most important elements when assessing a potential STEM program. Also, the best time to introduce your children to STEM is when they are young and their imagination is boundless. Kindergarten is the perfect time to start your child in a quality STEM program. STEM is integrated learning with real world applications. STEM is now and STEM is the future!

What is STEM and why do our children need it?
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