Thursday, March 12, 2015

Women Impact Now Launch

Women Impact Now Launch
Women Impact Now(WIN) is a voice for women in need right here in our Loudoun County community. WIN is women helping women. We are not only talking about poverty-stricken women that would benefit from immediate basic necessities. We are also talking about women who need that extra boost of encouragement, help with building a resume, help in finding a job, and help with finding hope. We as women can be that for one another and that is what WIN is all about. Women are tough, resilient, caregivers, and fighters. Perhaps no one more so than the female Founder Leah Baker.

Miss Leah Baker has a passion and desire to help other women in need. Not only for today, but for the future...their future! WIN is a network of resources that give these women a chance not only at survival, but a thriving fresh start. We all struggle and go through hard times, but in Loudoun County you are not alone. This is why it is my privilege and honor to support and announce the launch of Women Impact Now on Saturday, March 28th from 10:00am to noon. Everyone is invited. This is a community celebration for the many women who are fortunate enough to find and receive these valuable resources. Cheers to the launching of WIN and to the strong women who are supporting and nurturing each other!

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