Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cooperative Preschool of Loudoun{Open House + DIY}

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"There is no other preschool in Loudoun County that allows and encourages the parents to be a large contribution to their child's early education. We are truly growing our children together." {Heather Paulding, Second Year CPL Mum}
Both of my boys attend the Cooperative Preschool of Loudoun{CPL} established in 1969. It is the only "Cooperative" preschool in Loudoun County. They cater to Pre-K children ages 2 to 5 1/2 years old. CPL offers flexibility in the days of attendance per week and choices between AM or PM classes. I opted for PM classes, because I wanted my boys to have the luxury of sleeping in or waking at their leisure. CPL affords parents the opportunity to view how their child interact socially with other children and also how they learn in the classroom. It has been a remarkable experience and I feel like I have learned so much about both my children and myself.

 You might be asking, "What is a Cooperative preschool"? Ah, a fine question. A "cooperative" preschool means that we as parents are directly overseeing the teaching and overall operation of the school. CPL is run by a board of parents. Every parent is involved in one way or another. Whether it's helping in the classroom, attending board meetings, or organizing events - the parents are a helping hand. CPL classrooms are run from Mount Hope Baptist Church in Ashburn, VA off of Belmont Ridge Road. Religion is not part of the curriculum here at CPL. You can learn more about CPL's curriculum at our Open House in February!

I thought since we were here that I would feature some fun DIY winter projects for toddlers! A DIY Eco Notebook that is perfect for Valentine's Day and some good ole frozen creatures in ice. Hours or minutes of fun. Anyway, I hope to see you Saturday, February 7th for CPL's Open House and I hope you enjoy these DIY winter activities too!

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