Saturday, August 9, 2014

Breast Feeding is Beautiful #PBAP2014

When did mother nature become so vile and scary? How as a society have we come to shame mother's for publicly taking care of their helpless children? Why do breast feeding mother's have to hide in bathrooms, in corners, and under blankets for fear of public persecution?
...As a society, we have gotten so uncomfortable with the things that make us human, the things that come so naturally to us. We ignore our instincts; we eat chemicals and slather them on our skin. For me, breastfeeding was probably the most natural experience I have ever had and has ignited in me a passion to explore a more organic way of life. When a baby needs to eat, you need to feed it - and if you're breastfeeding, that often means nursing in very public places and usually at the most inopportune times. It's important to me to see this become normal - because it is, in fact, one of the most normal things a mother can do.
                   Blaire Ring, Photographer of Second Ave Photography

Hide no more. Leilani Rodgers started a public breast feeding awareness month campaign #PBAP2014 and recruited the help of other incredibly talented photographers to help "spread the word" via her Facebook page. One such photographer is Northern Virginia's own Blaire Ring of Second Ave Photography. Her image of a tired mama grocery shopping while breast feeding her child is simply magnificent and is being featured with other talented photographers on the front page of the Huffington post!

One last note. Breast feeding is the most loving start you can provide for your baby. These photographers are using their incredible artistry and talents to bring light to a societal taboo that should be no longer. Strong work photographers.

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