Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Second Ave Photography {Family}

Blaire is the talented photographer for Second Ave Photography here in Northern Virginia. We have formed a partnership and she graciously helps me with my Eco fashion photography for Spunky Real Deals{which my husband is certainly grateful}. We were enjoying a nice vino after a fashion photography session{above} when I flipped the camera around on her! Evidently, photographers do not like having their pictures taken. I asked Blaire what she felt her niche was? Then I remember back to a session we had last year with my boys. They were not going to cooperate under any circumstances, but as you can see below....

Blaire has a fantastic way with children and even if they are not ready for their close up she manages to get the best shots anyway! She loves newborn sessions and capturing your babes in a candid moment. Blaire is also know for beautiful family portraits! As I have found, Blaire also has an eye for fashion photography.

Second Ave Photography is the place to go in Northern Virginia to capture those intimate family moments. Fashion photographers are in short supply in the NoVa area and I would highly recommend that you approach her if you are in the market for one.

Thank you for being here,

Heather P.
Writer at Spunky Real Deals
Founder of the Virginia Bloggers Club

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Alimond Photography & The VA Bloggers Club 1st meet up!

The historic town of Leesburg harbors a savvy and creative photographer named Aliyah Dastour. She is the owner and chief photographer of Alimond Photography. If you run a local business here in Northern Virginia then you need to lend me your ear for 2 minutes. Aliyah is the entrepreneur's marketer for photography and will provide you with a head shot that everyone{not just mother} would be proud of.

Aliyah takes a creative, yet very professional head shot. So, if you are looking for a fresh head shot to go with your business then look no further than Alimond Photography. Gosh, I got so wrapped up in how wonderful Aliyah is I almost forgot she is taking photos for our 1st Virginia Bloggers Club meet up Sunday, April 13th at Heaven and Elle Haute Beauty Bar in Ashburn, VA!!!

The talented Aliyah even does business videos to help bring more to your business! Aliyah...Hello?! I love this idea and we need to talk. I LOVE love the video she did below, because it speaks to mothers everywhere. We as mothers still want to feel sexy no matter how many children we have{or especially how many children we have}.

Thank you for being here,

Heather P.
Founder of The Virginia Bloggers Club
Writer at Spunky Real Deals, LLC

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bumble & Co. {Bee good to your skin}

BUZZ on by the SHOP

In the Shenandoah Valley of Northern Virginia lies a hidden gem within the crevices: Bumble and Company artisan skincare. Their products remind me of Spring...how I long for it! Lavender emanates from every product. Calming, soothing, restoration.  I remember the first time I tried the Lavender & Eucalyptus Body Butter...It was in April at the Leesburg Flower and Garden Festival. You might think I am being silly, but the moment was that memorable. The Bee and I have been best buds ever since.

Bumble & Company is doing super fantastic and busy like a bee expanding their Virginian roots all the way to the heart of Nashville, TN. You can now find their internationally known artisan skincare at the Haute Salon and Spa located in Hillsboro Village! Whether you are in good ol' Tennessee or a local here in Northern Virginia you can be sure the Bee is close by. Trying is BEE-lieving!


Heather Paulding
Founder of The Virginia Bloggers Club
Writer at Spunky Real Deals

Growing up around a successful family owned business, Founder and CEO Julie Diers' entrepreneurial spirit found a calling in the breathtaking beauty of the Shenandoah Valley in Northern Virginia. Bumble & Co. is an expression of Julie’s passion for nature’s beauty and its ability to renew, rejuvenate, and heal the skin.

In 2009 Bumble products were included in the Emmy Swag Bags. The following year she was invited to attend the Academy Award Gift Suite in Hollywood, the American Music Awards, and the Cannes Film Festival. Bumble was also featured in American Salon, The Piedmont Virginian, Bedrooms & Bathrooms, and Flavor magazines.