Monday, September 30, 2013

The Biggest Lesson I've Learned #Femcon13

 Femworking Conference<<>>Sign-ups & Information

Virginia Blogger's Club Attending Members: Nicole Dash of Tiny Steps Mommy{Co-organizer and Speaker}, Laura Harders of Beltway Bargain Mom {Speaker}, Heather Paulding of Spunky Real Deals, Wondermom Wannabe, Amy Fitzgerald of Twingles Mom, Gina Lincicum of Money Wise Moms, Nikki of Super NoVa Mom, Lauren Brinkac of DC Healthy Bites, Lindsay Dahl of Lindsay Dahl, Joanne McAlpine of Broadcasting Sunny, Cynthia of Feeding Big and More, Shannah Coe of Just Us Four, Dorie of Dorie Howell Photography, and Catherine Wood of Happily Ever Crafter

It all started with a stache. A hope to succeed. A dream to be at the top of the social media world. Blogging is like an artist beginning to paint on a blank canvas. The possibilities are endless in accordance with the artist's ability and imagination. Saturday October 26th, Femworking, LLC is hosting a Small Business and Blogger Conference in our Nation's Capital. Education, inspiration, and social networking will be among the central themes.

THE Question: 

What is the biggest lesson you have learned about blogging since you began?
THE Reward:  A seat with the all-star panel: Maria Jose Ovalle of Very Busy Mamá – Life Beauty & Style, Monica Sakala of Wired Momma, and Nicole Dash of Tiny Steps Mommy.

It feels nearly impossible for me to narrow down what I have learned as a blogger to one grand lesson, but we shall try! The one thing that has been a constant teaching point for me seems to be the most contradicting: Unplug. Before you try and cloak me in a straight jacket hear me out:) Social networking is about your stats. How many Facebook followers you have, Bloglovin', Instagram, and so forth. Stop counting. Take a brief step away from that keyboard and watch your blog grow.

Unplugging will help you to remember why it is you started blogging in the first place. Live. A small hiatus can refresh the spirit. This mental rest will allow a new rush of ideas and creative energies to flow full force. Nobody inquired about my online absence this past week. I bet you did not even know I was gone, did you? Exactly, so go! My mind is clear and ready to write. My very best writing will bubble to the surface, because I took a step back to enjoy the sunshine.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Leesburg Arts Festival 2013

The Leesburg Arts Festival {Fall 2013} happened over this weekend. I am an astute appreciator of the fine arts and if you want to make someone really nervous just walk around with your camera at an Arts Festival! HA! Seriously, I may not bring my camera next year. I did ask permission to photograph all the artists that are featured. Here is a round-up of my personal stand-out favorites:

Art Jewelry by Winnie Chai Designs
SHOP Winnie Chai Designs

Her jewelry has life and spirit. Beautiful-living pieces. She has been very inspired by her travels to Tibet and China. Clean, tribal, and modern statement pieces with a spirit. This seem to be the common aesthetic theme. I really adored her statement necklaces with feather-work. She did not have any in her Leesburg show-case{believe me I looked}, because I would have snatched it up. Simply Stunning{as Gordon Ramsey might say:-}

Eugene Perry Sculptures
SHOP Eugene Perry

Sleek and modern. Eugene is an abstract metal art sculptor from Philadelphia, PA. His pieces are simple, yet very eye-catching. Absolutely striking when the sunlight grazes them. I am very fond of the piece on the end. A beautiful design composition and marbleized coloring is represented throughout that piece.

Prescott Studio
SHOP Prescott Studio

Flying pigs that shimmer in the sunlight...yes please!:} I loved these playful sculptures from Prescott studio and the coolest par is they also move! The head of the pig goes up and down. They are perfect eye-catching pieces for businesses! He also has smaller sculptures that would be perfect for your back yard too! Really cool stuff.

<<<<<<SHOP Bob Paulding Photography>>>>>>>
A very personal favorite of mine is Bob Paulding Photography! He has some stunning natural photography. I love the pretty in pink Macro Collection.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Leesburg Animal Park {Pumpkinville Pass Giveaway} NoVA

VISIT The Leesburg Animal Park<<<>>Like'M on FACEBOOK<<>>PUMPKINVILLE info
My boys and I love The Leesburg Animal Park! As you can see depicted above, FUN for all ages can be readily achieved:) My boys love feeding the animals, eating lunch on the picnic benches, and playing on the play set shaped like a pirate ship! The boys and I are true regulars every Wednesday when their admission prices are discounted. The Wednesday discounts{however} stop when Pumpkinville gets into full swing!

Pumpkinville is The Leesburg Animal Park's Fall Festival! Hayrides, Moon Bounces, All-you-can-eat apples & Cider, Rope Swings, and even a FREE pumpkin with admission. The animals as always will be happily available for feeding. I feel like a kid:) I cannot wait!!

Are you ready for a Leesburg Animal Park....Oink...Baaa.....Neigh.....Pumpkinville Giveaway???!!!! *This US giveaway is for Northern Virginia residents ONLY or if you are willing to travel then by all means enter!:)
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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Femworking NoVa Blogger Conference Oct. 26th #femcon13

Femworking Blogger & Small Business Conference

Femworking Conference Update: Register before Sept. 5th to save $50 on your registration!!!

Are you a blogger or small business in the Northern Virginia DC area? You are in luck! October 26th Femworking, LLC is hosting an estimated 200+ bloggers in the local area for education, networking, growth, and business seminars at the Blogger & Small Business Conference.

There is a tremendous line-up, but here is the sweet icing on the cake. The conference is being held on October 26, 2013, at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Arlington, Va. Register on or before September 5, 2013 for a $50 discount.

For the complete conference schedule and registration information please visit For more information, please contact or Be sure to follow the hashtag #femcon13 on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and even Instagram to stay up to date on the conference hap-happenings.

See you there,

Heather Paulding
Founder of the Virginia Blogger's Club
Spunky Real Deals