Saturday, August 10, 2013

Happily Ever Crafter {Guest Post & Giveaway}

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Hi there! My name is Catherine and I’m the blogger behind Happily Ever Crafter! My husband Brian likes to do posts on occasion too. I’m still fairly new to blogging, but I have loved this new adventure. I’m finding so many wonderful people to befriend and learn from.

Happily Ever Crafter is my life on the little screen. Computer screen that is. I blog about everything from cooking to reviews to trying to live as “green” as I can even while in a little townhouse here in good ol’ Lynchburg, Virginia.

I love to share my little crafts and projects with my readers whether it’s making something out of cardboard tubes or a garden from a discarded pallet. Pinterest fuels much of my inspiration but you get the good, the bad, and the ugly. I blog it all! Not everything on Pinterest is true to the way it looks!

When it comes to cooking I take after my mother. Meaning...I throw something together and rarely using a measuring cup. It usually turns out delicious, but not always. As with the crafting failures, I let you know when a recipe fails too. Just trying to keep it real!
Another large aspect of my blog is being "green." This is a huge category in itself. On the "green" front I blog about anything from gardening, to farmer's market adventures, to homemade versions of harsh cleaners, to the use of essential oils. I am passionate about making and keeping my family healthy in every way possible. We have just this one beautiful life and we desire to make it a long, happy, and healthy one.

Time for a GIVEAWAY for all you gardeners! Catherine has a giveaway running on her blog for a year long seed membership from Mike the Gardener Enterprises. ENTER Here!{08/14}

Till next time,

 Happily Ever Crafter

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