Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Children's Cooperative Preschool of Loudoun

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"As a mother, I am thrilled to be a vital part of my child's early education. We are truly growing our children together."{Heather Paulding, First year CPL mum}
My eldest son is starting preschool this year at the only Cooperative Preschool in Loudoun County{CPL} established in 1969. They cater to Pre-K children ages 2 to 5 1/2 years old. CPL offers flexibility in the days of attendance per week and choices between AM or PM classes. CPL also involves parents and children in a number of community service activities throughout the year! The children will be helping to sell lemonade at our September 7th pot-luck! The proceeds will go to benefit childhood cancer research.

You might be asking, "What is a Cooperative preschool"? Ah, a fine question. A cooperative preschool means that we as parents are directly overseeing the teaching and overall operation of the school. CPL is run by a board of parents. Every parent is involved in one way or another. Whether it's teaching a class, attending board meetings, or organizing events - the parents are a helping hand.

My role is organizing events. Such as, the pot luck that is coming up Saturday, September 7th @11am. I will be working with the event team to make sure everything runs smoothly. Basically, I need to make sure everyone has plates. This is my first year with CPL, but it is readily apparent that everyone there cares immensely about the self-development and education of our children!

Sensory playdough will be the BIG activity at the back-to-school family pot luck! I used fresh lavender, lavender essential oils, seashells, and sticks! This was so much fun! The sensory playdough incorporates all the senses, but we try to exclude taste on this one:} Check out the recipe and full post at the Imagination Tree!
**If you live in Northern VA and have a toddler ready for pre-K activities please give us a call! The classes fill up quickly and your child can be placed on the waiting list. I believe there are a few Senior spots ready to be filled{must be 4 years of age by Sept. 30th}.

 Cooperative Preschool of Loudoun
42507 Mount Hope Road
Ashburn, VA 20148
Phone: 703-724-0496

A BIG Thank you to Wegmans of Dulles and The Leesburg Animal Park  for their gracious support of CPL! We thank you with our hearts and our wallets. Seriously though, you will not find a better grocery store or cozier spot to spend quality time with your family then these two local NoVa businesses. CPL and myself graciously thank you!


  1. Sounds like a great place for kids to learn. I hope a lot of people look into it!

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