Friday, July 19, 2013

Tie-dyed Seashells {diy}

 My family and I recently returned from Sanibel Island, known for their array of beautiful seashells. The most beautiful seashells are the ones with stark imperfections{psychoanalyze that one};-) A few seashells gave me the idea to turn them into a package adornment, but first I wanted to color them. My Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old Violet was nearing end of life, so I thought to use it.

First, I watered down the chalk paint in a small metal bowl. Note: You could also substitute chalk paint with any accessible paint, dye, or food coloring.  To achieve a tie-dyed effect make sure a portion of your seashells is still visible in the bowl. Rotate your seashells every 30 minutes until desired color and pattern is achieved. Then remove your seashells from the paint bowl and allow to dry. Wah-lah! Tie-dyed seashells.

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