Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Fever Rundown {back to bed in 20 minutes}

*Disclaimer: I am a registered nurse in the state of Virginia. I practiced in some of the most intense level I trauma centers to include Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. I am not a physician. Any questions about your child should be directed to a qualified physician of your choosing. The tips I am sharing are mom tips as much as nurse tips:) I hope this helps promote some Zzzzz's.

Who knows your child better than you? Nobody.

The dreaded middle of the night wake up. Your little babe has rosy cheeks, is visibly upset, and dripping with sweat. One pat of his forehead and you know he has a fever. A small blurb about fevers: they are your body's response to infection and for the most part quite harmless. That being said, the poor little babe needs some rest. You do too! Here is how you get back to bed in 20 minutes:)

ONE >>>>Get Tylenol on board immediately.
TWO >>>>Obtain an Ice cold drink for the kiddo{Anything! This is a sleep deprivation emergency.}
THREE >>A popsicle {They will have this devoured in 5 minutes. The Popsicle helps to cool their body from the inside}.
FOUR >>>Storytime. After drinks, tylenol, and a Popsicle they should be thoroughly relaxed and ready for some ZZZzzzz's!

Speedy Recovery xo,

Heather P.
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  1. Aww he's so adorable! I babysit kids and use to work at a daycare but ever thought to use a Popsicle to help cool children down when they aren't feeling well!

    I loved this post I'm now following you :) Can't wait to read more in the future!
    -B ♡

  2. I love this post! I usually don't medicate fevers because like you said - they are the body's way of fighting infection. But at 2 AM, Tylenol is my BFF :)
    I love the Popsicle idea too!
    Thanks for the tips!

  3. Thank you Audrey! I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. I love the sensory play section for children!:) xox,

    Heather P:)