Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pirate Ship of Sticks {DIY}

Got bored Toddlers? Grab some sticks and build a pirate ship:)

Let me be clear my pirate ship needs some work, but it kept my children and me busy for nearly two hours. The sticks served their purpose:) Have the babes gather some dry sticks and mom{or dad} can snap them into similar sizes. You can take two approaches from here, but remember it is all about creating a large surface area with those sticks. You can tie one end or both. I bundled the sticks up and tied one end with some string. At the loose end, I fanned the sticks out. For the mast, I took a stick and place it in the middle and tied it to a stick on either side. I plucked a non-poisonous leafy green from the garden and scrolled a skull and crossbones with a sharpie. 

Pierce your leafy flag on the ship and you are ready to set sail me-hearty! I am sitting here laughing at myself, because my ship sucked. This activity is purely fun! My boys enjoyed tossing their pirate ship of sticks back and forth in their water table. Mission accomplished.


Heather Paulding
Spunky Real Deals


  1. so cute!
    New follower from the MMM hop.

  2. Let me say that this is a great idea--simple, but fun. I found you through Moms Mingle. I'm going to follow you, and if you would like to stop by my blog, feel free.

  3. Oh my freaking god! this is the cutest thing i ever saw!!!!! :)

    Love, The mind of an exchange