Friday, June 28, 2013

Natural Home Decor with Painted Sticks {DIY}

Crazy right?! Crazy awesome. I am currently scouring for the artist that inspired this DIY number, but I am having trouble locating her. Natural elements is one of my very favorite home decor methods. Sticks, stones, seashells, and greenery. Mother-nature does it the best! I grabbed varying textured sticks, some purple-grey toned chalk paints, and went to town! I covered some sticks completely with paint, some I banded, added a few polka-dots, and a few I lightly distressed. Again, mix-matched is the new decor fad and I am totally embracing it!

A broader look:)
I hope you embrace your creative-crafty side and give these painted sticks a whirl!

Thanks for stopping by,

Heather Paulding
Founder of Virginia Blogger's Club


  1. That is a beautiful decoration! I may just have to try that out for my own home.

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