Sunday, June 30, 2013

Annie Sloan Chalk Painted Chair embossed with Glitter {DIY}

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Old Violet is a muted violet with gray undertones and undeniably one of my very favorite Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors. This week the girly girl in me said, ADD GLITTER! it possible?! There was only one way to find out and I went there! Here is what happened: I painted the chair as I normally would and let it dry. During the waxing phase I took a clean rag and scooped up some clear wax. I poured some glitter right on top of the wax and proceed to wax as I normally would. *Tip: Be careful to keep glitter out of the wax container by using a clean rag every time. You want glitter on one piece not everything!;-)

The glitter clumped, which was unexpected. Originally, I wanted flecks of glitter all over the chair. The clumping resulted in a glitter galaxy or embossing on the piece. I love it! Just enough glitz to complement without overpowering the piece Barbie style*wink*. It worked out so beautifully that I intend to do a second chair to match this one!

My boys love it! Look at those adorable honey bees;-)

Tip from Janet at The Empty Nest: " time if you want an allover glitter look, scoop some wax onto a paper plate and mix in the glitter. You can also mix in Mica Powders for a soft Mother of Pearl shimmer look...really sweet. Happy Painting!"

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Natural Home Decor with Painted Sticks {DIY}

Crazy right?! Crazy awesome. I am currently scouring for the artist that inspired this DIY number, but I am having trouble locating her. Natural elements is one of my very favorite home decor methods. Sticks, stones, seashells, and greenery. Mother-nature does it the best! I grabbed varying textured sticks, some purple-grey toned chalk paints, and went to town! I covered some sticks completely with paint, some I banded, added a few polka-dots, and a few I lightly distressed. Again, mix-matched is the new decor fad and I am totally embracing it!

A broader look:)
I hope you embrace your creative-crafty side and give these painted sticks a whirl!

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mix-matched Candle Ambiance{DIY}

Mix matched decor is all the rage! A storm rolled through our area yesterday early evening and knocked the power out for a bit. Naturally, my emergency light was nowhere to be seen. I grabbed a candle, two blue mason jars{one painted}, and some tealights. Wa-lah! Accidental Martha Stewart. Eat your heart out baby!:) The textured white candle, bright blue mason jar, and the matte chalk-painted mason jar look amazing grouped together on my Annie Sloan Greek Blue table! Gorgeous ambiance for a thunderstorm or a romantic dinner for two{in my toddler dreams};-)

VA Bloggers: Mark your Calenders for a some wine tasting and networking Saturday, July 20th! Head to our Va Blogger's Club group FB page for more details!

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pirate Ship of Sticks {DIY}

Got bored Toddlers? Grab some sticks and build a pirate ship:)

Let me be clear my pirate ship needs some work, but it kept my children and me busy for nearly two hours. The sticks served their purpose:) Have the babes gather some dry sticks and mom{or dad} can snap them into similar sizes. You can take two approaches from here, but remember it is all about creating a large surface area with those sticks. You can tie one end or both. I bundled the sticks up and tied one end with some string. At the loose end, I fanned the sticks out. For the mast, I took a stick and place it in the middle and tied it to a stick on either side. I plucked a non-poisonous leafy green from the garden and scrolled a skull and crossbones with a sharpie. 

Pierce your leafy flag on the ship and you are ready to set sail me-hearty! I am sitting here laughing at myself, because my ship sucked. This activity is purely fun! My boys enjoyed tossing their pirate ship of sticks back and forth in their water table. Mission accomplished.


Heather Paulding
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Fever Rundown {back to bed in 20 minutes}

*Disclaimer: I am a registered nurse in the state of Virginia. I practiced in some of the most intense level I trauma centers to include Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. I am not a physician. Any questions about your child should be directed to a qualified physician of your choosing. The tips I am sharing are mom tips as much as nurse tips:) I hope this helps promote some Zzzzz's.

Who knows your child better than you? Nobody.

The dreaded middle of the night wake up. Your little babe has rosy cheeks, is visibly upset, and dripping with sweat. One pat of his forehead and you know he has a fever. A small blurb about fevers: they are your body's response to infection and for the most part quite harmless. That being said, the poor little babe needs some rest. You do too! Here is how you get back to bed in 20 minutes:)

ONE >>>>Get Tylenol on board immediately.
TWO >>>>Obtain an Ice cold drink for the kiddo{Anything! This is a sleep deprivation emergency.}
THREE >>A popsicle {They will have this devoured in 5 minutes. The Popsicle helps to cool their body from the inside}.
FOUR >>>Storytime. After drinks, tylenol, and a Popsicle they should be thoroughly relaxed and ready for some ZZZzzzz's!

Speedy Recovery xo,

Heather P.
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Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Giveaway Extravaganza

Monday giveaway alert!:) Right now at Spunky Real Deals there is a tremendous Summer giveaway hop featuring some tremendous bloggers. Take a moment out of your busy back-to-work day and enter them all!


Heather P:)

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Chocolate Chip Cookies{improvised recipe}

Everyone knows the classic Chocolate Chip cookie. Infamous in the cookie world, but cooking some this week presented an immense Everest-like challenge. My toddler dumped the entire{full} bottle of vanilla extract into my pound cake recipe earlier in the week. Oh, I am also out of baking soda. Oh, I am also down to one stick of butter. Time to improvise.

First, I cut the recipe in half. Second, I substituted almond extract for vanilla extract. Third, I said "screw it" on the baking soda and continued following the directions on the back of the chocolate chip bag{you know like most folks}:) I baked 6 plain chocolate chip cookies and then I added two heaping tablespoons of peanut butter to the remaining batter. The remaining 6 were chocolate chip peanut butter cookies. They were good despite all the cooking obstacles before me.

Get creative and enjoy my baking beauties,

Heather P:)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Leesburg Brewing Company {more than just good beer}

The Leesburg Brewing Company{LBC} is new to our fine town of Leesburg, VA. Our local mom's group{The Leesburg Mom's Night Out Group} decided to give them a whirl! We actually have been eagerly awaiting their opening for months now. Needless to say, we were thirsty for beer;-)

My first order of business at any restaurant is locating the alcohol. At the LBC, The flight of four beers is a solid way to sample their brewsky's before making a true commitment. The waiter uttered coffee beer and it was love{at first sip}. The coffee beer is a lighter and smoother version of Guinness. The coffee beer has fabulous flavor, balance, and will instantly become your favorite LBC brew. The beer is German-certified delicious, but the food exceeded our every expectation.

Start with the pretzel for two. This pretzel is huge, soft, warm, buttery, and salty goodness. I would have been completely satisfied stopping here, but what can I say this mommy was hungry! For the main course I ordered Jim's grilled cheese. Out of this world! I am a foodie that intensely enjoys comfort foods. A perfect blend for this foodie:) Comprised of gouda, fresh mozzarella, tomato, pesto, black pepper, all stacked on panini bread. What can I say? It was gouda:) Worth the stop, worth the trip, get going to the LBC!

Who loves you? Yeah. I do.

Heather P:)
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Thursday, June 6, 2013