Sunday, July 26, 2015

National Capital Lyme + Colour Bar Charity Event

National Capital Lyme + Colour Bar Charity Event
National Capital Lyme has a chapter right here in Loudoun County! Their mission is to build support, increase awareness, and find a cure for Lyme and other tick-borne related diseases. Next week, you have the opportunity to get a beautiful haircut at the Colour Bar Studio in Vienna for $100 and have 100% of the proceeds go towards National Capital Lyme! Call Colour Bar Studio at (703) 848-2000 to make your appointment for Sunday, July 19th from 11 am to 4 pm.

Wanna learn more about Lyme disease from the experts? During the National Capital Lyme and Colour Bar Studio event, join special guests Susan Greenberg, FNP-BC, and Debbie McCabe, Holistic Practitioner, whom will be discussing prevention and treatment of Lyme disease.

Can't make it to the big event? No worries! You can still make a donation to National Capital Lyme and help them to continue their important work. Donations can be made on their website. 

Many prizes will also be raffled during the course of the event courtesy of Lynx, Modern Luxury DC, Nostos, NIHA, Tamjidi Skin Institute, and of course National Capital Lyme!

National Capital Lyme + Colour Bar Charity Event

Thursday, July 2, 2015

High Heeled Happy Hour with National Capital Lyme

High Heeled Happy Hour is a Northern Virginia staple for charity and networking events held in collaboration with small business owners. July is a very special networking month with the local Loudoun county National Capital Lyme Association. The Virginia Bloggers Club is proud to co-host this event with one of our very own bloggers and lyme disease warrior Amy Pop Fitzgerald of Twingles Mom.

This event will be held Tuesday, July 14th from 6 to 8 pm at the picturesque venue of Clyde's Willow Creek Farm in Ashburn. There will be appetizers and many local vendors. 10% of any purchases you make from the vendors that evening will go to the National Capital Lyme Association. Be sure to register today and save your spot. Ticket prices are lower online and I am told this is typically a sold-out event, so don't wait! Wear your most fabulous heels ladies and you could be entered into one of many door prizes that evening.

The best part? Helping a local charity that is doing good in our community. You also have the opportunity to network and rub elbows with some of the best of the best in Loudoun county. Carin and I hope to see you there!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

#BikiniChallenge1073 Recap with Sarah Fraser

#BikiniChallenge1073 Recap with Sarah Fraser
It is the summer of the bikini challenge, at least it is for DC's 107.3 Sarah Fraser. For the first time in 33 years, Sarah Fraser(literally showed the world) that she is not afraid to wear a bikini and more importantly she is now openly accepting of her body and all that is "Sarah Fraser". Read more about Sarah's body image struggles on her personal blog.

As I write this, it reminds me of a wonderful local blogger María José of a Very Busy Mama that is cheering for the same "self love" amongst herself and her peers. She has no idea that I am doing this, but I also wanted to share her post and her story, because it fits so well right here.

We scrutinize over our looks and as Sarah Fraser put it, "The bikini controlled my summer". Or used too! Free of her chains, I am stoked to see Sarah Fraser - in a bikini - spreads her message of body positiv - DC News FOX 5 DC WTTG video(the recap of Sarah on Good Day DC from yesterday) and to hear how she personally feels about the experience herself. Maybe she'll call me to chat or have me on her show...a gal can dream can't she? The smile on her face tells me she is happy to be standing in DuPont Circle wearing a bikini. Kudos Sarah, you rocked it!

Monday, June 15, 2015

4th Annual Young Women's Breast Health Day on the Hill

Tigerlily Foundation 4th Annual Young Women's Breast Health Day #DC
 *The bulk of information seen here was provided to me by the Tigerlily Foundation.

Tigerlily Foundation's Young Women's Breast Health Day on the Hill was first held in 2009, in response to creating additional advocacy and awareness about the issues young breast cancer survivors faced. The Young Women's Breast Health Day was launched after Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz signed into law the Breast Cancer Education and Awareness Requires Learning Young(EARLY) Act in 2010, which created an education and outreach campaign administered by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) to highlight the breast cancer risks facing young women and women of higher-risk ethnic and racial backgrounds, while empowering them with the tools they need to fight the disease.

Join us in our nation's capital on June 17th from Noon to 2:00 pm for the Tigerlily Foundation's 4th Annual Young Women's Breast Health Day on the Hill. Be involved and informed about organizations that are impacting the lives of young breast cancer survivors. This event will take place at the Rayburn House Office Building, Room B-338 on 45 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington D.C. For additional information and to register please visit Tigerlily Foundation's event website. They encourage and welcome young breast cancer survivors(YBCS) to attend, connect, and meet other survivors.

This important event for breast cancer issues will bring together members of congress and congressional staff as well as policymakers, corporate healthcare entities, advocacy and health care organizations to raise proper awareness about specific issues facing young women with breast cancer. This committee will also feature speakers who will discuss their efforts of outreach to the young breast cancer community as they provide education and awareness. They will be highlighting the efforts of those YBCS at high risk and also facing disparities.

Tigerlily Foundation's main goal is to further engage the members of the healthcare community and stake holders in the work being done for YBCS and to create additional collaborations, partnerships, as well as opportunities to reach more young women, healthcare providers, and to provide the general community with vital information.

Do you know someone with breast cancer? Do you know someone close to you that has died as a result? I can guess your answer to both of these questions is probably "yes". We have all been affected by breast cancer. Get involved and understand what is happening right now! Get ready to understand how the policy makers of today are going to shape the future of young breast cancer survivors tomorrow. Together we are powerful. One person CAN start a movement. Register for the 4th Annual Young Women's Breast Health Day on the Hill today.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Bloggers: This is Why You Need a Hip Media Kit

Do you want to generate more income from your blog? Of course you do! What Blogger doesn't. But without a truly standout media kit, it's unlikely that you'll get very far.

If you've already done the hard work of finding the brands, clients, or organizations you want to work with, you don't want to drop the ball on the easiest part: showing your value.

When delivering your pitch, you need an attractive, succinct method for communicating what you bring to the table.

If you aren't using a media kit for your blog, you could be missing out on a lot of potential income.

And if you're using a media kit, but it's lackluster, you could be pushing opportunities out the door instead of bringing them a knocking.

The 411 on Media Kits

A media kit is a snapshot of your blog's statistical information that sponsors and advertisers use to make decisions about whether your audience and influence will be a worthwhile use of their resources.

It can be a one-page or multipage document that you offer as a link on your site (normally under the headings of Advertising, PR, Work with Us, Media Page, or Media Kit). You can also send your media kit to potential sponsors and advertisers when pitching a campaign or responding to an inquiry that you've received.

Any size blog needs a media kit to show interested parties what you have to offer and how they can benefit by working with you.

Here's what some of The Virginia Bloggers Club members had to say about media kits:

I love having a Media Kit. I send it out every time I get a pitch and let PR people know about my readers' demographics and interest so we're working towards the same goals. It makes me feel more professional and is a place to catalog my achievements.
- Gina Lincicum,

I think that media kits are a great way to let companies know that you take yourself seriously as a blogger. I love that it gives you a chance to creatively show off your assets!
- Aubrey Griffin Johnson, Homegrown & Healthy 

I think it's definitely important to have a media kit to show your reach, what makes your site unique, and your level of professionalism. Templates can be a good starting point but you'll want to customize it to be sure your media kit aligns well with your site. I gladly share my media kit with sponsors, publicists, and media organizations.
- Patricia Lee Hall, Fairfax Family Fun

I look at a media kit as a resume of blogging. I like mine to be short and simple with all my highlights on one page as "cliff notes."
- Ashley Recio Langston, Frugal Coupon Living

You don't have to start from scratch! The good news is while you definitely need to have a media kit, you don't have to start from scratch when creating it.

You can use a proven template that already has all the elements your kit needs, and can be easily customized to fit your blog and brand.

Introducing... Hip Media Kits

Hip Media Kits is a collection of five super affordable media kit templates.

You buy them separately, or you can get a discount when you grab all five.

Sidenote: They are all so awesome, it's hard to choose!

There are one-page and multipage formats that you can choose from.

The templates are easily customizable to fit your brand essence - and ensure consistency with the established colors and feel of your site.

The best part about the templates is the formatting. Everything is done for you. 

You don't have to spend hours googling "what should go in my media kit" or trying to get everything to fit on the page correctly.

All the required information is there. You just have to replace the sample language with your personal stats, narratives, and pictures.

These templates are great for a brand new media kit and for a refresh.

You could easily create a new kit or spruce up your existing kit with these super cool templates.

Click the picture below to check out our new media kit for The Virginia Bloggers Club. I used the Moon Media Kit Template for this one. And it was so easy, finished in about 30 minutes.

You can view the complete collection of Hip Media Kit Templates here

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support of this site!

From Blank Space to Blogging Brilliance A Step by Step Guide to Start and Grow a Successful Blog

Friday, May 8, 2015

What is STEM and why do our children need it?

This post is a sponsored post for Nova Enrichment Academy. Most of the information seen is being provided by Nova Enrichment Academy. First things first, what is STEM? It is a way of thinking that combines science, technology, engineering, and math in an organized fashion. Our education system has become utterly disconnected. Right now, our children go to individual and distinctly separate classes(social studies, English, math, etc...). Math is math and English is English only. STEM is integrated learning in which one study also applies to another and is also applicable to the world our children live in now! STEM does not teach our children how to think. It simply gives them the tools they can use to solve any given problem. There is a big push for STEM integration in our education system. Below is an interesting CNN video on future jobs with STEM as the main topic of discussion.

It is clear that STEM is the education of the future. The time is now! The next step? Get your kids introduced to STEM and give them a true head start in their early childhood education! The more pressing question, however, is which "STEM focused" education facility is right for your children? Not all "STEM programs" are created equal. Here are a few things you can look for in a high quality STEM program that will help you(as a parent) choose the best facility.

Quality of content. High quality programs focus on their curriculum. Their should be many hands-on activities, team work, and the latest technological innovations. Look for programs that have "true" integration and go beyond building simple kits.  

Delivery matters. Meaning teacher delivery. Ask your potential STEM facility about the instructors that are teaching your children. Their resumes should speak volumes.  

Program Stability. High end STEM programs offer year round classes.  

Community Involvement. High end STEM programs will offer free events, private events, field trips, and introduce active members of the STEM community to induce creative thinking by both parents and children alike.  

Transparency. High quality STEM programs will lay it all on the table. They will introduce you to instructors, go over day-to-day policies, content, and prices without having to be prompted. Nothing is hidden and you should know exactly where you stand.

In short, quality content, instructor delivery, program stability, community involvement, and transparency are the most important elements when assessing a potential STEM program. Also, the best time to introduce your children to STEM is when they are young and their imagination is boundless. Kindergarten is the perfect time to start your child in a quality STEM program. STEM is integrated learning with real world applications. STEM is now and STEM is the future!

What is STEM and why do our children need it?
Interested in learning more? Visit Nova Enrichment academy at one of their upcoming events, visit their website, or give them a call!

May 9th - Nova Enrichment Academy in association with LCPS and ERMS PTA is hosting a talk on Saturday, May 9th by Mr. Tom Dubick  discussing “New Trends in STEM Education for Parents and Teachers.” This event is FREE to attend and is open to Parents, Teachers and Students. The talk will be held at Eagle Ridge and Broad Run School. Details of the event are available on their website

June 20th - Nova Enrichment Academy will be hosting an open house for the benefit of its students and local school officials only. There will be a private talk with a NASA executive at this event.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cycle Scene SPIN Studio in Ashburn, VA

Cycle Scene SPIN Studio in Ashburn, VA
Did you know that we have a SPIN studio in Ashburn, VA called Cycle Scene? Now you do! Intense exercise is truly a satisfying thing and to be honest I did not know you could get a total body work out from a SPIN class! 45 minutes of non-stop cycling action with energetic and enthusiastic instructors. For those of you who also adore a luxurious atmosphere, perhaps you will find the chilled eucalyptus towels and spa grade amenities to your liking! They also have key-less lockers in their locker room and plenty of showers! No need to elbow your fellow spinners out of the way when exiting class.

Welcome Loudoun County to the Best Spin Studio in Northern Virginia!

Last Thursday was my first SPIN class ever at Cycle Scene! I am truly hooked. I cannot wait to go back! The workouts are motivational, inspirational, and sweaty(in the very best sense). While "spinning" you get to rock out to fresh beats that make you feel like you are hanging out at the best nightclub(aka spin studio) in town. After your work out concludes, they have bottled water, replenishing granola bars, and an entire vending machine filled with an array of healthy snacks! Honestly, I just wanted to hang out with everyone after I was done with class. Cycle Scene has a true community feel with positive vibes all around.

Are you a local blogger or small business owner? Looking to take Cycle Scene for a SPIN? We are having a private class and networking party on Sunday, May 31st at 11:30 AM. If you are interested in joining us please e-mail Jenn at See you there!